Game Changer
Proven Methodology Guaranteed To Deliver Results
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Game Changer
Proven Methodology Guaranteed To Deliver Results
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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

More Than Just Consulting… Total Business Transformation Guaranteed To Drive Results


Whether it is reviewing and validating your current strategy or dramatically altering your current path, at GAME CHANGER we want to understand what matters to you, to your business, and to your customers.

  • In Person Seminars – we offer many opportunities to join with your peers for in person education
  • Corporate courses – we will create a syllabus for your your company, focusing on your corporate KPI’s
  • Online Subscription – Learn at your own pace, revisit lessons as needed with our online subscription


Every GAME CHANGER module takes a holistic and structured approach to the evolution of your business.

All of our modules are designed to produce measurable results and are delivered using modern and proven methodology – take a look at our Training Modules tab to learn more about the programs that we offer.

We take the time to understand your goals and objectives and we work with your team to develop a customized program that will address specific opportunities in order to have the greatest impact on your business.

Our program has been developed over a twenty year period and is entirely based on factual and proven methodology and experience. there is no theory behind GAME CHANGER all of our programs are based on success in the business arena – we love the business of business and looking forward to changing the game with you.


GAME CHANGER was founded in 2000 by Lorenzo DeCicco.

“After spending 21 years in Corporate arena as a senior Executive for one of Canada’s largest telecommunications organizations – with multi-billion dollar leadership experience ranging from Enterprise business, small & mid market, consumer, retail, marketing, NFP & start up, financial, operations, public & private sector, sales mastery, coaching, and literally everything in between… It was time for change. 

I noticed a very consistent trend across Canada, regardless of the industry, marketplace or business segment – CEO’s and Business owners were looking for ways to improve customer experience, increase revenue and ultimately inspire their teams to become more relevant and indispensable to their customers. 

These are the very things that I have spent a career developing and are the cornerstones of the Game Changer methodology. 

There is no theory to our program, everything within the Game Changer framework has been tested and proven to drive results. We love the business of business and we love what we do.


GAME CHANGER is a consulting organization that offers a unique and modern approach to traditional consulting practices. Unlike many other consulting firms, our programs and methodologies are not just theoretical concepts but have been developed based on real-world business experience and proven strategies that are effective in today’s fast-paced business environments. Our approach is centered around helping our clients achieve success by providing them with practical and actionable solutions that have been tried and tested across various industries and economic conditions.


Corporate Restructuring

Succession Planning

Customer Engagement


Sales Mastery

Leadership Training

Health and Wellness

One of our most successful offerings is our customizable sales mastery framework for coaching and training. This framework has consistently delivered impressive results across multiple market segments, lines of business, and vertical industries. It is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach that our clients have reported significant improvements in their sales processes and results after implementing our program.

At GAME CHANGER, we understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we work closely with our clients to tailor our framework to their specific needs and requirements. By doing so, we ensure that our clients receive a personalized solution that is aligned with their goals, objectives, and values, resulting in sustained business growth and success.

Module Examples

Understanding your addressable market

In this module, we focus on helping our clients gain a deep understanding of their addressable market. This includes identifying the key segments within the market, understanding the size and growth potential of each segment, and evaluating the competitive landscape. We help our clients define their ideal customer profile and create buyer personas to understand their customers’ needs, pain points, and preferences. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of their addressable market, our clients can develop a focused and targeted go-to-market strategy that delivers results.

Unleashing your Value Proposition

In this module, we help our clients define and articulate their unique value proposition. We work closely with our clients to identify their key strengths, core competencies, and unique differentiators. We help them create a compelling message that resonates with their target audience and clearly communicates the value they deliver. By unleashing their value proposition, our clients can differentiate themselves from the competition, create a strong brand identity, and establish themselves as market leaders.

Strategic and targeted customer pursuit

In this module, we help our clients develop a strategic and targeted customer pursuit strategy. We work with our clients to identify and prioritise high-potential target accounts and create a customised sales approach for each account. We help our clients create a targeted outreach plan and develop effective messaging that resonates with their target audience. By pursuing their target customers strategically and intelligently, our clients can build stronger relationships, win new business, and drive growth.

Winning behaviours that deliver RESULTS

In this module, we help our clients develop winning behaviours that deliver results. We work with our clients to develop effective sales processes, best practices, and behaviours that align with their goals and values. We help them create a high-performance sales culture that promotes continuous improvement, collaboration, and accountability. By adopting winning behaviours, our clients can improve their sales effectiveness, close more deals, and achieve sustainable growth